Annely Allen
Labor & Birth Doula
How I came to be a Doula

No matter how many times a woman has given birth, every pregnancy and every birth is as unique as the baby born.   Since I can remember the passage of birth for mother and child has filled me with awe and wonder.

My journey as a labor and birth doula has grown over the past few years; first through supporting my family and then my community.  The natural fit was to become a professional doula and follow a passion to serve women and their families in the most intimate and remarkable time of their lives.

I am a trained labor and birth doula through DONA International.  I continue to study all aspects of birth through books, additional trainings and discussion with other birth professionals. Most insight comes from each experience I have had supporting women and their partners in pregnancy, labor & birth.

Having given birth myself, with ten years between the oldest and youngest child, and then becoming a grandmother for the first time this past year; I found not only was each experience very different, but over the years the approach to birth has changed.  My life is enriched by the women of today and the great choices they are making to bring their babies into this world.

I value each woman and her birth experience.  I count it a great honor to be invited into your birth.  As your doula my desire is to serve and empower you and your family as you anticipate the birth of your new baby.